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ADHD hemp oil gets father in psychward

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25 Responses to “ADHD hemp oil gets father in psychward”
  1. MirageScience says:

    maybe your right, sounds like a plausible mistake, but you know those homeopaths, they are insane. xD

  2. rayndalrenfrow says:

    Who reported all this stuff about the dude to the authorities?

  3. RexMundi412 says:

    Family Court is illegitimate even in the eyes of the law, It’s voluntary.

  4. Timothy Locke says:

    yes, Hemp Oil Seriously HEALS

  5. Timothy Locke says:

    Have you seen whats in the medicine your sold by your Dr and Pharmacist. and you think someone that wants to use thousand year old remedy. That is crazy to you?

  6. Timothy Locke says:

    no it is NON TOXIC PERIOD.

  7. Curtis Weiss says:

    I have Adhd and i use to take baked potatoes with sour cream taste delicious, oh did you see what happened on the late show last night , we were, what time does that movie start? oh ya I stopped smoking last week so I might be a little scatter, anyone know if Adam is sponsored by the black tank top company?

  8. MrBloopatroopa says:

    Is the high you get from hemp oil different than the high you get from smoking normal marijuana?

  9. xmanbruteforce88 says:


  10. trybal007 says:

    …nothing more. :)


  11. Blade Frank says:

    BIG PHARMA! WOOOOT! Should I vote for big pharma, or Big Pharma this election?

  12. jeansprettypups says:

    Most kids grow out of ADHD mine did I had 3 of them and they never really actted up till it was spring it was called spring fever I just had my kids run around the house as a game to take some energy out of them they had fun doing it. But my son and I both ended up seeing something that changed us we now have PDSD he went to drinking and has got into alot of trouble but was unable to smoke a joint to help we both hated the drugs but its them or jail for him

  13. ShortcutRocksIt says:

    I have Adult ADHD and used to take 53mg of Concerta to treat it. This is while I was in the Army. After getting out, I began to use marijuana to treat not only the ADHD, but also insomnia, PTSD and my anger issues. Since I began treatment I have seen massive improvement in all areas and now I rarely smoke because I feel I have more of a grasp on my conditions and they are easily controllable.

  14. ShortcutRocksIt says:

    If you’re like me then the meds turned you into a zombie. Thats a shitty way to go through the day.

  15. ImStereotype says:

    Indeed it is and was a horrible way to go through the days. And yes I remember feeling like an absolute outcast on the Ritalin, but when it wore off I was a social butterfly and talking up a storm.

  16. skechmasters says:

    your a dumb ass thats not what i was asking it was sarcasim, I’m a bigger pot head then Adam and most of his fans !! plus i’m a grower i knew all this when i was 12

  17. BOHICA308 says:

    I completely agree. I too have ADHD and was taking Ritalin and had a terrible experience with it. I was experiencing short black out to the point that for about 3-5 seconds everything would turn black even when I had my eyes open, I found it harder for me to do my work because I always felt lethargic and tired so I stop taking it and immediately I felt better, Ritalin is a terrible drug that does more harm than good in my opinion.

  18. ImStereotype says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Your comment reminded me of how I could run all summer no worries, but during the school year I suddenly had Runner’s Asthma and would get red hives and vomit when I ran too much in track, p.e. etc. It was the Ritalin, I was jacked on Synthetic Cocaine and trying to run miles. No fun, lol.

  19. freefallfalcon says:


  20. freefallfalcon says:

    Child protective services is full of pedophiles who prey on already victimized children.

  21. Timothy Locke says:

    carefull sonnyboy, your ignorance is showing. Once your voice stops crackling, it will get just a little bit deeper.

    Dont be afraid son, it s natural.

  22. Timothy Locke says:

    wow, when you were 12?

    that would be like a yr ago?  perhaps 2?

  23. skechmasters says:

    nice one jack ass i’m 24

  24. Timothy Locke says:

    you replies, and your demeanor, contradict your physical age at closer 10 to 12.
    Son, I was smoking cannabis before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye.

    The fact your comments are smug and rhetorical, means one can only be left to conclude you are as ignorant as your statements reveal you to be.

  25. RomrotMechanikos says:

    hemp oil as an alternative fuel? ;) mm, wonder if hippes would complain about the emissions of an engine running on hem?

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